Outdoor foam - QuickDry Foam

An innovative foam that is not afraid of water!

Confortplus is the European importer of QuickDry Foam, manufactured in Indonesia by Urecel.
QuickDry Foam with its open cells allows water to pass through the foam. The latter doesn’t become waterlogged: zero mould and a quick drying time. To bring more comfort, it has 4 densities: Firm (> 32 kg/m3), Medium (> 30 kg/m3), Soft (> 28 kg/m3) and Supersoft (> 26 kg/m3). We also work the QuickDry foam in the form of flakes and spaghettis.

Maximise your cushions’ comfort by using the right firmness for your application. The Super Soft and Soft are ideal for welcoming  or soft backrest in order to keep the same comfort as your indoor cushions. The Medium will perfectly hold you using cushions in 8cm. And bellow the Firm is the foam to use to keep an appropriate support.

This foam is produced by a sophisticated process called Hydro-Blast Reticulation. This is what gives its unique structure porous cells open – that’s why QuickDry completely outperforms closed-cell, non-reticulated, regular foams.

Its open cells allow an optimal drainage and let fresh air circulates… QuickDry is the technical foam, specifically designed for outdoor applications. Open cells allow water to drain very quickly and let the air circulates freely and continuously.

QuickDry foam is anti-microbial. A technology which prevents the growth of moulds and fungus.

The use of the Quick Dry Foam is the ideal alternative for your outdoor cushions in order to have a product easy to use, maintain and with an extended aging.

Our foam, your application.

You can use our foam for various applications, often very specific.

Outdoor furniture – outdoor cushions – boats – automotive – medical – agriculture (kiwi) – construction (gutter) etc.

Our foam, your application do not hesitate to contact us to develop new applications with the Quick Dry Foam.



Do you know our shreddered foam yet ? We can deliver you this shreddered foam (also mixed) in bags of 10 kg for packing (extremely good for outdoor cushions). 

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