Combustion Modified High Resilient Foam (CMHR)

CMHR foams are open cell foams, especially used in the furniture field. Minor changes to chemical formulatas allow us to produce a wide range of smooth foams of different densities, and with specific characteristics proper to the application. CMHR foams are cold produced foams displaying an improved elasticity and an excellent reaction to the fire. They meet the strict British standard BS 5852 source 5. CMHR foams are produced in an environmentally friendly way, that is to say without using a bulking agent of the CFC type, thus saving the ozone layer and the environment.

Furthermore, they are entirely recyclable both through mechanical means and chemical methods. We use these foams particularly in the chair’s seat and backrest among other things, with also cover applications (armrests, boxes…).

From 31 kg to 63 kg we have foams who will have a certain comfort concept. Your applications, our suggestion.