Polyether Foam

Polyurethane foam is a generic name which covers different varieties of honeycomb produtcts with dodecahedral structure which acts like micro-springs. The chemical principle arises from a mix of 3 major components: polyol, isocyanate, and water.

A density from 15 to 40kg, these foams are applicable on markets such as office chair, traditional chair, bedding (market entry).

The hardness (N) of these foams is an important criterion in order to use it well on applications such as the covering of wooden frames or intermediate parts such as armrests or trims.
No particular fire behaviour, a large range to find the right density, for a good application, all of this for a good price.

The polyether is an entry-level quality foam in the world of polyurethane foams but its applications are numerous and in indoor use.