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High Resiliency Foam

More qualitative than the polyether variety, the latter has said fire standard (M4) necessary for most community markets. PV are available to exploit these market.

A brand “Bultex” is a variety of High Resiliency foam which learned how to develop an image around a better comfort, longevity.

The pairing density and hardness is more rigorous and thus offers better comfortable feels. The lifetime of this variety is as long as of the polyether’s one.

The best-known applications revolve around the seat (sofa, relax, bedding…) in order to exploit the quality of this foam variety at best.

We use foams ranging between 26 kg and 53 kg for the density, multiple types of hardness are available on the market in order to find the right comfort for the right application.

For information, the Bultex has a warranty of 5 years by its manufacturer.

The acronym ‘HR’ (High Resiliency) is the only one which can certify of the variety of High Resiliency foam,

be careful not to let yourself get lured by terms such as ‘HD’ (High Density) which doesn’t mean anything concrete in the world of foams.